RPG Gift Cards Enters the Wild, Wild West of Social Media

Greetings, Friends:

Welcome to the Royal Performance Group (RPG) Gift Cards new blog. Like many of you out there, I’m quickly learning the ins and outs of social media to ensure that all of the tactics and tools that I use are helping RPG meet our overarching corporate objectives in terms of outreach. As I learn new tips and tools, I would like to share them with all of you, to save you time in the same way that Denise Dorman, owner of award-winning marketing firm WriteBrain Media has done for me. You could say, I’m paying it forward.

The concept of writing a blog can be daunting. I want our blog to address your needs and your questions. My question for you is, “What can RPG do for you today?” Feel free to post comments and engage with us on this journey through the wild, wild west that is social marketing and social media.

Have a great day!

Julie Feece, Director of Marketing

Follow us on Twitter: @rpg_giftcards

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