Do you make a conscious effort to make the people around you feel appreciated, supported and empowered?

I found this question under a LinkedIn Today topic. As an employee of a company that provides card services for employee recognition and incentive programs this question speaks to what we aim to accomplish with each sale. Employee incentive or recognition programs have now been established in 86% of North American businesses, according to WorldatWork’s May 2011 Trends in Employee Recognition report. Seeing such a large percentage of businesses enacting employee recognition programs sparks the question, why are these programs so important? The answer to that can be found in the question posed in the title of this post, because these programs make people feel appreciated, supported and empowered. We all know what it is like to feel appreciated, supported and empowered and, at least for me, I tend to do my best work at those times, whether at my job or at home, but we also know how it feels when we are lacking those three elements.  At those times we are most likely frustrated, angry, or just not focused; three things we would never want our employees to feel, especially when expecting exceptional work. Putting aside the fact that we should always strive to make everyone feel appreciated, supported, and empowered as part of our own ethical standards, it is just as important to make our employees feel that way in order to get their best results.

But, as Doug Booker’s comment on LinkedIn said, to be successful these programs must be put into effect by “knowledgeable and effective leaders. You need to be that leader; you cannot put a good program in place without a true desire to show appreciation, desire and support to your employees. To read further about what Doug Booker had to say visit his website on leadership at

So, comment below about how you have created sustainable and effective employee recognition programs or any questions you have about them! Also, don’t forget to keep us updated on something new you have tried, as blogged about in my last post!

Have a great day!

Kaitlyn Corvino – Contributor

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